Private Cloud vs. LAN

For over a decade, the Local Area Network (LAN) has been the only networking option for sharing information within an office. The greatest benefit of the LAN is the direct control you have over the environment and the privacy and security you achieve by keeping your infrastructure in-house. The LAN is typically created through the use of a shared storage device and an Ethernet or Wi-FI connection. A LAN requires a complex and costly infrastructure of devices, software and maintenance.

In contrast, a Cyber City Private Cloud is a robust, secure, scalable and virtual environment where teams can access desktops, store and share files and applications, share tasks and calendars and undertake many more sophisticated tasks. The Cyber City Private Cloud is a true infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that preserves the most beneficial aspects of the LAN (privacy and control) while affording you anywhere access and relieving you from the costs, headaches and limitations of maintaining your infrastructure in-house.


By definition, a LAN is local – it’s only useful in the space where the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections are available. As a result, businesses are tied to their offices or cut off from files and applications while traveling. And if you have multiple offices, sharing data between them is untenable.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud is accessible from any computer connected to the Internet and delivers the same desktop experience from any location. For the first time, you can have staff anywhere in the world who can work as if they are in the same room.

Private Cloud vs. LAN


LAN’s are vulnerable to equipment failure, theft, power loss and natural disasters.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud is housed in access-restricted, monitored, compliant data centers equipped with the highest level of onsite security and redundancies. Built-in disaster recovery plans and customizable online backup ensures that your data is always available.


Over time, a LAN environment can lead to a divergent patchwork of computers and software. When was the last time you replaced all of your computers and applications in one fell swoop? Typically, equipment and software are procured on demand. As new team members come on board and old equipment is replaced, the computers look less and less alike with different operating systems and application versions. Over time, the differences between the systems impact performance and productivity.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud offers a seamless experience across platforms and devices. Software is upgraded via the cloud and desktops can be customized to meet workflow and role specialization needs. All users have the same versions of the same tools all the time.

Return on Investment

In a LAN environment, servers are subject to wear and tear, creating a maintenance challenge and ongoing expense. File corruption and data loss creates surprise recovery costs. Without virtual access to enterprise-grade software and services, poor productivity becomes a significant factor.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud delivers state-of-the-art tools and resources to optimize your workflow. Upgrades and enhancements are implemented automatically and computing takes place in the cloud, not on office servers that need to be maintained, cooled and protected.  Productivity is increased and a healthy return on investment is the result.