Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

As cloud computing continues to transform the business landscape, a number of cloud options have emerged to serve business of all sizes. National and global providers offer cloud solutions that differ significantly from Cyber City’s Private Cloud.

Your Business, Your Way

The majority of cloud environments are severely limited, template-driven and rigid in options and features. In seeking to serve a mass audience, public providers have moved towards broadly homogenous functionality. Many services offer a wide variety of flashy gadgets, but lack the ability to accommodate the tools you need such as accounting programs and business critical databases.

You know your business and its needs better than anyone. With a Cyber City Private Cloud, we work together to define exactly how things will work, taking into account your specific needs, your standards, your applications and your users. Your Private Cloud is truly your work environment, not a cookie-cutter solution.


Cloud solutions will often define limited security parameters for users and retain broad rights on where they can store data and how you can access it. And if disaster strikes, you are on hold with every other user, working through a support services bureaucracy and hoping for the best, if they even offer support.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud gives you control over your data: who has access, where it lives, and how it's transferred. Moreover, you are connected to a live, reachable account manager who is responsive to your needs and the first to respond in case anything ever goes wrong.

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With Cyber City, your data is your data, 100%. The security, confidentiality and integrity of your data are paramount to our solution. We are the responsible stewards who take every measure to guard your privacy.

Read the fine print of other cloud providers. You’ll learn that their ownership and privacy clauses are questionable at best. Say you want to permanently delete a file from their systems; there is no assurance that the file hasn’t simply been removed from your view and squirreled away for future reference or resale.


Many cloud providers do not offer any configuration options. Resource options are limited to the amount of storage you can use. But computing is a lot more than just storage: RAM, bandwidth, and processor allocation are critical elements of any computing solution.

Your Cyber City Private Cloud is maximized for performance using enterprise grade technologies. We assure all aspects of your Private Cloud from disk speed to processor usage. A Private Cloud network is tailored to your needs, delivering the tools and resources that will drive your business. Moreover, our scalable design and attentive support ensure that you can get what you need as your business evolves.